Reginald Gracie Jr., former PIN Rx pharmacist, was found guilty of soliciting and taking bribes from internet drug companies.


“The federal Anti-Kickback Act of 1986 prohibits those involved in government contracting from offering, accepting, or attempting to accept inducements for favorable treatment in awarding contracts for materials, equipment, or services of any kind.”

A kickback is defined as any type of compensation accepted by a physician or pharmacist from a pharmaceutical company in order to influence them. These could include money, gifts, meals, event invitations, etc.

Anyone found guilty of these activities may receive fines and/or imprisonment.


Gracie pleaded guilty to taking bribes and filing false tax returns and will serve almost 4 years in federal prison.

In 2006, Gracie received more than $120,000 from online companies for ensuring that Penobscot Indian Nation mail-order pharmacy filled the prescriptions of the companies’ customers. He also did not report this income on his personal and corporate tax returns.

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