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Software developers need to comply with a variety of rules and regulations. If you create healthcare-related software, you may be considered a medical device and would be subject to FDA control, via the Mobile Media Guidance. Also, your software must be validated with predictable outcomes. According to HIPAA/HITECH, are you a covered entity or a business associate? The Kulkarni Law Firm’s Principal Attorney can provide help and advice.

Advisory Services Include:

  • Social Media Guidance: What you can and can’t say on social media.
  • Mobile Media Guidance: Whether you are considered a medical device and what regulations apply to you.
  • Adverse Event Reporting: What is allowed to be shared on the internet or social media.
  • Validation Assistance: How validation applies to you and how to validate.
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliance: How to store confidential data, and are you exposed to liability via the privacy rule or the security rule.
  • Responding to Warning Letters: How to respond.
  • Training Programs: Contact us for details.

We can also offer support through a variety of other services, such as monitoring and risk assessments.

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